Former General Counsel of HSBC Securities, Frank Weigand, Joins Oasis Pro Markets

Nov 01, 2021

Christopher Hebel

Former General Counsel of HSBC Securities, Frank Weigand, Joins Oasis Pro Markets

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Oasis Pro Markets, operator of OATSPRO, a multi-asset ATS, has appointed Frank Weigand as General Counsel. In his role, Frank will be responsible for navigating the complex legal and regulatory landscape in the evolving digital asset industry.  

Frank joins Oasis Pro Markets from HSBC Securities where he was General Counsel and also Head of Legal for HSBC’s Global Markets businesses throughout the Americas. Frank’s expertise spans a wide range of areas including broker-dealer and securities regulation, capital markets, derivatives, banking and new product development.  

“The development of innovative digital asset products is a key part of our strategy, and a critical component of our business model is a regulatory and compliance first mind-set. We are fortunate to have someone of Frank’s talents, experiences and reputation added to our growing team as we catapult Oasis Pro into an industry leader.“, said Pat LaVecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro Markets.

OATSPRO leverages blockchain and smart contract technology to provide both a primary and secondary marketplace for digital asset securities where institutions and other subscribers can transact in digital assets with either digital cash or fiat cash through the firm’s state-of-the-art matching engine.

“I am delighted to join Oasis Pro Markets with their growing product suite of digital asset offerings, including equity, fixed income, asset-backed securities, ETF’s and Blockchain Traded Funds (BTF’s). This truly is the next generation of capital markets products and I am excited to be joining this market-leading team”, added Frank.

Oasis Pro Markets is bridging the world of traditional finance, blockchain and DeFi, i.e., CEFI to DEFI.  Through its multi-asset OATSPRO platform, the firm has positioned itself at the forefront of digital securities innovation by leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology to create real-time settlement, while eliminating counterparty risk. The proprietary technology provides a sleek, user friendly experience for issuers and investors. OATSPRO offers efficient KYC/AML onboarding of digital securities for issuers, streamlined onboarding for investors, and provides liquidity for private and public OTC market digital securities. Oasis Pro Markets is uniquely positioned having secured the appropriate regulatory licenses which many crypto exchanges are seeking, but have only just begun the long and difficult application process. From a global perspective, Oasis Pro Markets will be creating a global market model with separate verticals with trusted partners.