Oasis Pro Markets Newsletter – February 2022

Mar 2, 2022

Christopher Hebel

Oasis Pro Markets Newsletter – February 2022

Welcome to our February Newsletter to keep you up to date on Oasis Pro Markets announcements, news, recordings of panels, and upcoming events where we are participating.

Spotlight – Product Strategy / Compliance:

Thomas Rubio Joins Oasis Pro Markets as Associate of Web3.0 Product Strategy & Development

Thomas join Oasis Pro from Bakkt where he worked on the institutional custody and liquidity operations team. He worked closely with Bakkt's blockchain security and engineering teams to develop, test, and support their proprietary systems.  Prior to Bakkt, Thomas worked for BlackRock's U.S. Wealth Advisory team.

Renuka Gupta Joins Oasis Pro Markets as the Chief Regulatory Officer

Renuka joins Oasis Pro from BNP Paribas where she was a senior counsel advising on a broad range of derivatives regulatory and transactional matters. Before BNP Paribas, Renuka spent 12 years at GE and was the legal global head of derivatives. Renuka is familiar with both U.S. and European financial services law and regulation. Renuka also has extensive experience with financial services advocacy involving new and emerging areas of regulation. Renuka started her career in private practice as a securities attorney.

Highlights This Month:

The escalation of tensions and invasion of Ukraine is the dominant theme this month, and the ripple effects can be seen far and wide. Stocks are on edge, oil prices are in the $100 ballpark, and crypto is now center stage as a possible sanction-evasion technique for Russia. General market sentiment indicates the crisis is more likely to have a short-term effect, however, while economic growth and Fed rate decisions are more dominant factors. Please see the below articles highlighting the latest trends and potential opportunities in the current environment.

What Ukraine-Russia Tensions Mean for Stocks and Investor Portfolios

Central bank tightening and slowing growth loom as larger long-term threats for equities, according to strategists on both sides of the Atlantic.

Russia Could Use Cryptocurrency to Blunt the Force of U.S. Sanctions

When the United States barred Americans from doing business with Russian banks, oil and gas developers and other companies in 2014, after the country’s invasion of Crimea, the hit to Russia’s economy was swift and immense. Economists estimated that sanctions imposed by Western nations cost Russia $50 billion a year. Since then, the global market for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets has ballooned. That’s bad news for enforcers of sanctions, and good news for Russia.

First Mover Americas: Traders Prefer Gold, Fiat Safe Havens Over Bitcoin as Russia Goes to War

Russia's decision to wage war on Ukraine has sent shockwaves through financial markets. While equities and bitcoin are down, gold, oil, base metals, agriculture commodities and currency market safe havens like the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen are trading higher. Broadly speaking, markets are displaying the usual unease with geopolitical tensions. However, some in the crypto community may be disgruntled to see the top cryptocurrency again missing a haven bid.

EU Parliamentarians Push to Limit Bitcoin Use Over Energy Concerns

European Union (EU) lawmakers are preparing for inter-institutional discussions on proposed regulations for governing crypto assets and may be set to ban energy-intensive cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Recent Speaking Engagements:

Pat LaVecchia, our CEO, has been speaking! Check out recordings of his recent panel participation and interviews below:

Finance on the Blockchain - ATS Leaders, the Future of Digital Exchanges

FINRA - Developments in the Digital Asset Market

Vertalo’s DAAS Conference - ATS Business Model’s

Security Token Market Interview at DAAS

Blockchain Real Estate Summit – ATS – Liquidity and Market Makers

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Feb 23 – 24 – Ivy Family Office Forum

Mar 14 – 16 – Inveniam Capital Partners - Data 3.0 for Web 3.0

Mar 22 – 27 – Avalanche Summit

Keep an eye out next month for Oasis Pro Market’s March 2022 newsletter to stay up to date on our latest news!

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