Oasis Pro Newsletter – April 2022

Apr 12, 2022

Christopher Hebel

Oasis Pro Newsletter – April 2022

Welcome to our April Newsletter to keep you up to date on Oasis Pro announcements, news, recordings of panels, and upcoming events where we are participating.

Spotlight – Marketing & Operations:

Gareth Thomas Joins Oasis Pro Markets as SVP of ATS Operations

Gareth is SVP of ATS Operations at Oasis Pro Markets. He has a career spanning in excess of 25 years. He started his career with Natwest and Credit Lyonnais before pivoting into Retail FX and Crypto sales and trading with the likes of Saxo Bank and GFT (Gain Capital). Prior to joining OPM, Gareth embarked on the strategic set up and roll out of a new online regulated efX and Crypto firm as COO in Cyprus.

Avalanche Conference Recap:

Oasis Pro participated in the Avalanche Summit held in Barcelona, Spain, where Pat LaVecchia, Bob Yostpille, Evangelos Tzoulafis, Renuka Gupta, Wes Jamieson, and Walker McKeough met with developers, researchers, and makers building on the Avalanche platform to create the next-generation apps for Web3. Some of the key takeaways included:

  • DeFi is still the most dominant category in Avalanche chain.
  • Subnets allow Avalanche high degree of scalability without the need for layer 2.
  • Avalanche has a new ‘Core’ wallet (multi-chain wallet with ledger support) and add a Bitcoin bridging functionality (allow DeFi participation for Bitcoin holders).
  • NFT marketplace will continue to grow, especially with the growth of the gaming sector.
  • As asset classes grow, the need for liquidity markets will continue to increase.

Digital Assets Week Conference Recap:

Oasis Pro participated in the Digital Assets Week California conference held in San Francisco, where Gareth Thomas and Thomas Rubio met with many fellow participants. The focus of the conference was on the adoption of digital assets, covering technology, crypto, and securities areas. Some of the key takeaways included:

  • The post-war global financial system was enabled by a standard communication protocol that allowed banks and other financial institutions to operate with one another.  It is clear a similar level of interoperability will be needed before many of the traditional finance heavyweights will feel comfortable allocating time and resources to digital security adoption.
  • This quest for collaboration was on full display at SF DAW – where key infrastructure players were busy connecting with each other to prioritize their backlogs for the next few quarters to build what I call the “MVE” (Minimum Viable Ecosystem) as soon as possible. Compliant Web3 products come with their own set of challenges that are distinct from their Web2 counterparts – who can most of the time build entire suites of products without having to coordinate with other industry players to deliver a functional product.
  • It is apparent that the legacy financial system is eager to catch up to the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape and how its doption will affect their businesses – but there is still a long way to go before “the herd” finally makes its way into the metaverse.

Inveniam Conference Recap:

Oasis Pro participated in Inveniam’s annual Data 3.0 for Web 3.0 conference held in Miami, where Pat LaVecchia and Renuka Gupta were speakers. Among the participants were decentralized innovators, pioneers, visionaries, and thought leaders who provided thorough discussions, content, insights, and networking opportunities across the finance and technology sectors of the decentralized ecosystem. Some of the key takeaways included:

  • Blockchain space is attracting Family Offices/HNW away from traditional alternative investments structures (PE).
  • Deal flow will continue to be structured on blockchain due to liquidity and the variability of smart contracts
  • Transparent, credible, and reliable data is essential to valuing private market investments
  • DeFi will trend towards KYC/AML if it wants to be a part of the US financial markets
  • Expansive performance/valuation data will lend to more liquidity and trading for private market investments
  • State level politicians are beginning to realize blockchain’s potential economic boon for their constituency
  • Standardized and interoperable private market data solutions will introduce more succinct pricing mechanisms for private markets investments
  • Women in the blockchain space are growing, providing new partnerships in education, development, and the promotion of new blockchain technologies

Recent Speaking Engagements:

Pat LaVecchia, our CEO, has been speaking! Check out recordings of his recent panel participation and interviews below:

Inveniam Data 3.0 for Web 3.0 "DeFi Implementation Strategies and Tactics"

Finance on the Blockchain - ATS Leaders, the Future of Digital Exchanges

FINRA - Developments in the Digital Asset Market

Vertalo’s DAAS Conference - ATS Business Model’s

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Blockchain Real Estate Summit – ATS – Liquidity and Market Makers

Upcoming Conferences / Speaking Engagements:

April 26 – 29 – FTX | SALT Crypto Bahamas

Keep an eye out next month for Oasis Pro’s May 2022 newsletter to stay up to date on our latest news!

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