Full-Service Investment Bank and a FINRA registered marketplace & Alternative Trading System for digital asset securities

Oasis Pro Markets provides a streamlined platform for initial issuance as well as connectivity for buyers and sellers to transact in a secondary market. For news and updates join our mailing list. 1

Streamlined onboarding for accredited subscribers

Our digital onboarding process reduces the complexity of opening accounts for accredited and institutional investors

Liquidity platform for private & public market digital securities

Through our truly digital and dynamic marketplace, we offer connectivity for buyers and sellers to transact in alternative investments1

Efficient onboarding of digital securities for issuers

Support for all major security token standards and deep experience of working with established digital Transfer Agents and Custodians

Oasis Pro Markets

The first US-regulated alternative trading system (“ATS”) registered to allow its Subscribers to trade digital ("blockchain") securities and make payment for those digital securities in digital cash (i.e. stable coins) or fiat.

OPM’s ATS is registered to allow its Subscribers to:

  • Trade both registered and unregistered securities on the ATS
  • Trade digital securities OTC
  • Trade both equity and debt in digital form through the use of a blockchain
  • Invest in initial private offerings that can be recorded on a blockchain

Institutional investors

Gain access to private and public digital security markets, with an efficient onboarding process and the ability to interface with a range of custodians

Accredited investors

Transparent access to a range of digital security investments on our user friendly alternative trading system, with a simple and secure onboarding process


Access to a broad base of accredited and institutional investors, with support for all major security token standards and a straightforward issuer onboarding process

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