Oasis Pro Receives Certik Certifications on Smart Contracts

Apr 21, 2023

Christopher Hebel

Oasis Pro Receives Certik Certifications on Smart Contracts

April 21, 2023—Oasis Pro recently received Certik certification on its EVM-compatible smart contracts, yet another important milestone in the development of its industry-leading, security- and regulatory-focused platform. Certik is a pioneer in blockchain cybersecurity.

It has quickly become known for its leading role in raising security and transparency standards across the industry by providing security solutions for blockchain, smart contracts, and Web3.

The certification applies to elements of the Oasis Pro Tokenization entity, a business entity under Oasis Pro Inc. that is designed to offer clients the ability to digitize real-world assets to create more efficient, broader-reach offerings. Viren Khandelwal, Chief Technology Officer at Oasis Pro, notes, “We are truly pleased to have a company like Certik under the Oasis Pro hood. They are developing much needed cybersecurity solutions that, along with regulatory clarity, should meaningfully advance initiatives in the digital securities market. I view this Certik certification as not only a nice-to-have but really a must-have, as we continue to create confidence in the strength of our platform.”

The importance of smart contract security cannot be overstated, as secure systems are crucial in preventing attacks and ensuring the integrity and reliability of blockchain networks and the value they protect. Oasis Pro smart contracts are designed to support various financial assets and are compatible with both EVM and Non-EVM public blockchains, as well as permissioned blockchains. They also support multi-sig functionality. In addition, Oasis Pro uses a factory pattern for deploying smart contracts that are uniquely designed to be upgradable. This ensures that the smart contracts can be easily updated to address any security concerns or to adapt to changing market conditions.

By prioritizing security and flexibility, Oasis Pro smart contracts provide a robust and reliable solution for financial asset management on blockchain networks. To learn more about Oasis Pro Tokenization and other platform solutions please reach out to info@oasispromarkets.com.