Q2 2023 Newsletter

Jul 21, 2023

Christopher Hebel

Q2 2023 Newsletter


Continued regulatory uncertainty and regulation by enforcement underscored Q2 developments, with the SEC bringing lawsuits against Coinbase, Binance and other crypto asset exchanges. Concurrently, there is draft legislation in the works in Washington, and while we may not see comprehensive regulation this year, we expect further guidance to come later this summer, impacting the broader industry. Amid the flurry of activity, one certainty is that regulatory/compliance-first firms will benefit and gain traction during the next phase of digital asset expansion.

We believe two core elements make firms operating in the digital asset industry most “reg-ready,” or ready for increased regulations.

· A compliance-centered approach

 o The next evolution of technology in capital markets simply demands a framework that promotes trust and confidence. As one of the first alternative trading systems in the US to register with the SEC to trade digital securities, Oasis Pro has established its reputation for taking a compliance-first approach. An education-first mindset is equally important, and Oasis Pro’s SIFMA membership and participation in industry events are aimed at promoting responsible participation in the space.

· Segregation of custodial wallets

 o Investors must feel confident that their assets are segregated and secure, and certainly not comingled with a trading platform’s funds. Oasis Pro Markets does not exercise any level of control over the digital asset securities being sold or the cash being used by our customers to transact.  As a non-custodial ATS, assets are held in bespoke vaults/wallets controlled by the investor.

With a keen eye on increased regulatory clarity and a continued focus towards building our industry responsibly, below are some key initiatives for Oasis Pro in the second quarter.

Business development & platform growth

· Oasis Pro Markets was proud to have been chosen to provide secondary market capabilities for DigiShares’ recently launched capital raise. See the press release here.

· End-to-end integrations were completed with the following blockchains:

 o Onyx, Optimism, Provenance, R3 Corda, Hyperledger BESU, and Aptos

· We successfully implemented capital call, dividend payment, and waterfall distribution processes for 10 + blockchains, making it easier for issuers to manage and support their cap table more efficiently.

· API improvements were implemented that empower interconnectivity across disperse applications.

· Oasis Pro’s EVM-compatible smart contracts are now fully certified by Certik, following a comprehensive, industry-leading security assessment.

To request a demo of the platform, or to learn how you may partner with Oasis Pro to guide your business into the future, click here.

Marketing & content

With our unique capabilities significantly expanded since the launch of the company,  and with exciting growth opportunities on the horizon, we recently completed a brand facelift! You’ll soon see us roll out this Oasis Pro re-branding, including new, reinvigorated logos and a fresh approach to design and style across marketing collateral.

In other marketing initiatives, make sure to check out recent articles and webinars such as:

How Blockchain May Play an Increasing Role In Investing

This is CEO Pat LaVecchia’s latest Forbes contribution, which highlights the historical challenges to mainstream alt investing, and how blockchain technologies can open new wealth management doors!

Tokenization – Secondary Markets and Liquidity

Evangelos Tzoulafis, Head of ATS Services, participated in this Digishares webinar, joining industry peers in discussing how liquidity will be generated in digital securities markets.

Living in a Multi-chain World & Exploring the New Standards

Inveniam invited Pat LaVecchia to participate in this webinar exploring how to best establish interoperability and ensure seamless integration among different platforms and systems in the digital assets market.

Digital Asset Regulatory Considerations in Wake of the Next Presidential Election Cycle

Tune in to Pat LaVecchia on this Nasdaq TradeTalks episode as he shared his thoughts on where we are headed as an industry, amidst ever-changing political and economic conditions.

Events & appearances

In Q2, there were ample opportunities to network and grow awareness of the benefits of digital asset securities!

CEO, Pat LaVecchia shared his industry experience, speaking on panels at the following industry events:

  • AIM Summit, London
  • Salt x iConnection, NYC
  • Crypto Mondays by Coinbase Asset Management, Stamford
  • Digital Assets Connection by Tabb Forum and Global DCA, Stamford
  • CT Crypto Forum “All Stars Panel” anniversary edition event, Stamford

Evangelos Tzoulafis, Head of ATS Services, participated on a panel with Amazon Web Services at the most recent CT Crypto Forum on June 23. This “cloud-blockchain mashup” covered the adoption trends for blockchain in financial services, particularly how blockchain is being combined with cloud computing, AI and other technologies to drive innovation.

Plus, Oasis Pro team members participated in important events like:

  • Consensus by CoinDesk, Austin
  • Monthly CT Crypto Forums, Stamford
  • Women in Digital Assets Forum, Stamford
  • Cornell Blockchain Conference, Roosevelt Island

In closing, we look forward to staying focused through the second half of the year on responsibly growing the digital securities ecosystem to deliver new efficiencies and opportunities across capital markets.

Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration, and happy summer!

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Oasis Pro Inc. is the parent company of Oasis Pro Markets LLC, a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC. Nothing contained in this newsletter constitutes a recommendation or an offer, or solicitation of an offer, to buy or sell any security or investment product.