Statement re FTX From Oasis Pro

Nov 13, 2022

Christopher Hebel

Statement re FTX From Oasis Pro

Last week was a volatile one for cryptocurrencies, and a turning point in the evolution of the broader digital asset market. While Oasis did not have accounts with or hold positions at FTX or its affiliates, we sympathize with those investors who may have experienced losses due to the mishandling of customer funds.

We believe that a stronger regulatory framework is critical to protecting investors and growing the digital asset ecosystem. For the past several years, Oasis Pro Markets, a FINRA member and SEC registered broker-dealer, has been beating the drum for increased oversight in digital asset markets. We sincerely hope that the silver lining to the FTX situation will be quick-to-market regulations that provide a roadmap for strong businesses to thrive, alongside investors.

Now is an important time for companies to make mission statements clear and to expand on educational efforts. Our goal at Oasis is to provide an industry-leading primary and secondary marketplace for digital asset securities, leveraging the blockchain to create transparency, efficiencies, and opportunities. Education will continue to be paramount, and in the coming year, we look forward to delivering a suite of educational content to help market participants understand the benefits and risks of digital securities. We also look forward to our continued involvement with the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC) which is doing important work in improving market integrity and collaboration with the regulators.

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