Risks of Investing in Digital Securities Disclosure

DSO Disclosures

It is OPM’s responsibility to ensure that investors in DSOs are made aware of the various risks associated with investments made into DSOs. As such, OPM is required to provide adequate disclosure of the risks involved in investments made in DSOs. Prior to executing an investment in a DSO, the Company will provide ample disclosures to investors that address the following, at minimum:

● There is no guarantee that the DSO purchased will have any value or worth.

● There may be limited support for secondary trading by exchanges of Digital Securities

● Digital Securities are subject to federal and state securities laws, federal commodity laws, and various international regulations, among other restrictions.

● There is currently no FDIC or SIPC protection of an investment made in a DSO.

The Designated Principal will ensure that all investors in DSOs are provided with the disclosures noted above, including any additional disclosures required by regulation or statute, prior to investing in any DSO through the Company.